Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Guidelines for Virtual Students and Parents


  • Student must log on at class start time
  • Student must log in to all classes, specials and electives included
    - Student must log on after lunchtime
    - If student is tardy past 10 minutes, the student will be marked absent at the teacher’s discretion
    - If student is late due to internet issues, parent must call the school and inform of the issue
    - Parents/guardians need to contact the school if student will be absent
    - Laguna’s Attendance and Truancy policy will be followed per the student handbook


  • Remember when we are logged into virtual classrooms we are sharing the environment with all the students in the classroom on campus, as well as the teachers
  • Student must have a work area free from distractions
    - TVs, radios, etc, should not be on in the background
    - Conversations in the home should not be heard in the campus classroom
    - If background noise, conversations, or images are inappropriate, the student’s zoom will be muted and the teacher has the discretion to log the student out of the zoom account
  • Student is not to log in from vehicles
  • Make sure that materials and supplies are ready to use
  • Student should not eat during class time


  • Student is expected to participate and complete activities in the virtual classroom, as if they were in the classroom in person
  • Cameras must be turned on, facing the student, showing the student’s face at all times
  • Virtual students are expected to answer and communicate with the teacher or staff members online
  • If a student is not interacting the teacher has the discretion to log them off for the class and count it as an absence
  • Student needs to complete the work themselves
    - Parents are to monitor their student during the classes but refrain from completing the task themselves
  • All assignments need to be submitted as designated by the teacher.
    - Follow the teacher’s submission/late policy
    - Grades reflect the completed work that is submitted
    - Parents can check Google Classroom, to see what assignments have been submitted
    - Submitted assignments that are blank documents will be graded accordingly
    - Upper-grade level students are responsible for their assignments; in the lower-grades, virtual parents accept the responsibility
  • The teacher is not responsible for missing assignments

Respect and Patience

  • Staff, students, parents, and others in the learning environment are expected to be respectful of all
    - Foul language verbally or in writing should not be heard or seen during Zoom class sessions
    - Teachers have the discretion to mute or log the student out of the zoom session if they deem the situation inappropriate for the school environment
  • Staff, students, and parents are all focused on doing what is best for all of the students, those that are virtual and in-person
  •  Technology Help
    - A teacher may not be able to address a virtual student’s technology issue during the class time
    - If you are having issues with your device or other technology, contact the IT help desk at #505-552-3080